- This is a prototype for TANK WITH LEGS.

- Tank with Legs is a game about an autonomous AI tank, developed in secret by a government, to protect humanity in case of emergency, like aliens invading or so. But eventually becoming alive and aware, it starts to develop a personality.

Its stored in an underground bunker, waiting to deploy itself in case everything else is not working anymore.

This iteration of the game, planed as a series, is the training phase of the neural networks of that unit, while waiting to be needed.

- Features :

  1. Procedural Level Generation, every Level is never the same.
  2. Cars that drive on the street
  3. Civilians walking from door to door on the sidewalk using crosswalks if necessary
  4. Two camera perspectives for the tank
  5. Ammunition and Health System (basic) for the Tank

- It is Version 0.0.20. It is not a game yet.

- Still not very optimized, but I reduced the clipping range, now it is faster. The new cars are slowing it down again a bit.

AuthorTom Trottel
Made withUnity

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